Welcome to Amelia Island Conservation Network

 Optimizing the effectiveness of local environmental organizations through information sharing and mutual support. 



About Us

Founded as the Amelia Island Conservation Network (AICN) in 2019, AICN began as a roundtable of major conservation groups in Amelia Island and its surrounding areas committed to developing highly-coordinated conservation and preservation movements focused on protecting Amelia Island and surrounding areas natural resources, marine, ocean, and wildlife. AICN also serves as a facilitator of strategic action and a constant conservation presence in the community. 


Amelia Island Conservation Network

An Amelia Island and surrounding areas network 

of community organizations committed to local 

preservation and environmental protection.


Member Organizations

 AICN’s members are independent organizations who each work on a wide range of issues from tree conservation to the elimination of straws to promote a sustainable community. Given the diverse work of the member organizations, AICN plays a unique role in the conservation community. AICN helps the community easily access the diverse local conservation and preservation organizations. Moreover, AICN gives member organizations the opportunity to come together to develop shared knowledge, networks and technical skills, and when needed AICN allows for network members to speak with a coordinated voice. 

Memebers in the network